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Sport Activities

Tourism experts among the world consider Egypt as one of the countries hosting the most charming views surrounding golf courses. One often hears of the scenic views surrounding golf courses around the world. Walk into any real golf enthusiasts home or office and one is likely to see beautiful landscapes in Scotland or England, or even the US. But nowhere else in the world can one play golf in the shadows of the Great Pyramids in Cairo, or play 18 holes in the morning, and then visit the mountain where Moses passed down the Ten Commandments in the afternoon or amuse with a fabulous beaches in Sharm El Sheikh.

The weather in Egypt is almost certain to fulfill ones desire to play golf along with promising varieties of Sightseeings, shopping and other activities for your spouse, who will certainly enjoy every moment of her trip to Egypt. There are many other activities in Golf Resorts besides playing golf that you can do in Egypt such as scuba diving all over the Red Sea coast.

In Red Sea While playing Golf in Ain Sokhna or Hurghada you can relax with the fascinating nature, which are considered certainly one of the best diving spots in the world and not only in Egypt.

When it comes to play Golf in Egypt, you don't want to miss a detail. Golfers will experience a new level of excellence in Egypt in both hospitality and golf.

Water sports

The most popular water based sports in the Red Sea, Sinai resorts, and surrounding, areas are:
• Scuba Diving
• Snorkelling
• Free Diving
• Wind Surfing
• Kite Surfing
• Swimming
There are a number of non water based activities for those who want to stay dry including:
• Climbing
• Hiking
• Tennis
• Horse riding
• Camel rides
• Go-karting
• Golf

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea is a year round activity and there are dives suitable for every level from beginners to the most challenging technical conditions for those who seek to push the limits. 
Shore diving is an option in many locations and you will find it easy to get experience of diving from boats in many of the dive resorts too.  For those with the right level of experience there are excellent live aboard/safari tours on offer across where you can immerse yourself completely in diving and reach locations that the day boats cannot get to.

Wreck and technical diving are popular throughout the Red Sea ,  offering specialist training for those who wish to dive beyond recreational depths and in more challenging conditions.

Snorkeling is for everyone  and is a great way to see the amazing colours and life that are just below the surface of the water. YOUR TOUR offer snorkeling trips to popular locations such as Ras Mohammed National Park, Tiran Island and the Blue Hole  if you are in southern Sinai and Dolphin House in the southern Red Sea.  Some trips are by land, many by boat and offer a chance to explore the sea and what is beneath more than sticking to your local reef.

Free Diving is very popular in Dahab due to its proximity to the Blue Hole where many of the worlds top free divers train, compete and attempt world records.  You can undertake training to improve your free diving skills and experience the underwater world in a new way.

Windsurfing  is possible along the Egyptian coast most of the year in Dahab, Safaga, Soma Bay and Hurghada.

Kite surfing is growing in popularity and the Red Sea offers ideal conditions for all levels. Watching an experienced kite surfer cut across the water it looks easy, however you should take lessons to master the basic techniques and equipment.  Advice on sea conditions and risks will be offered and should be matched to your level of experience.  There are kite surfing  in Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, Safaga, El Gouna, Hurghada, Ain Sokhna  and Marsa Alam.


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